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Whisky Tasting 15-12-2019

€ 37,50
GRATIS verzending

Whisky Tasting 15-12-2019

€ 37,50
GRATIS verzending

Cafe Zilt whisky bar
Whisky Tasting
Individual tender
Sunday 15th. December 2019
Starting at 17:00

Whisky Tasting

Whisky, whiskey, whiskie; single malt, blended, grain, Bourbon and Rye. Schotch, Irish, American and Japanese even Taiwanese en Dutch! Though some will argue on the subject it's all whisky. Worldwide it is the most consumed spirit and momentarily more popular than ever before. Whisky is hot! 


What is is and how do you drink it? There is no single way but at Café ZILT we will happily offer you an in depth explanation on the subject. 

During a two hour nosing and tasting session we will introduce you to diverse whisky styles and flavors and inform you through six different whisky's more about the history, production, laws, around a truly fascinating drink. The whisky will be served with some small bites that either compliment or form a pleasant contract with the spirit. 


If so desired we can offer tailor made tasting session and can also present a session at any given location.


  • You have to book infront
  • ​Maximum quantity of participants: 30
  • Only access for lovers exceeding 18 years (will be checked)
  • In case the workshop is cancelled, the paid amount will be returned a.s.a.p.
  • You will receive a confirmation of reservation and payment
  • Cancelling your participation can be done without cost up until 48 ours prior to the workshop.



Zeedijk 49,
1012 AR Amsterdam