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Coffee Tasting 11-5-2019

€ 29,95

Coffee Tasting 11-5-2019

€ 29,95

De Eenhoorn Coffee & Tea
Coffee Tasting
Individuel tender
Saturday 11th May 2019
Start: 14.00 O'clock
Period: 120 min

De Eenhoorn tastes, selects and delivers high quality teas from all over the world. The countless nuances and variations in tea are caused by differences in volume, selection, climate, height, type of soil and production method. This way every tea gets its own character, structure, color, taste and aroma.

Driven by her extensive knowledge and developed taste, Binet is constantly looking for the highest quality tea. She travels the world in search of the best tea plantations.

If you would like to participate in a tea tasting, it is possible to book tickets on our website. Every third Saturday of each month there is a tea tasting. The maximum number of participants is 10


  • You have to book infront
  • Minimum quantity of participants: 4
  • ​Maximum quantity of participants: 10
  • In case the workshop is cancelled, the paid amount will be returned a.s.a.p.
  • We have the right to cancel the tasting when we dont resave the amount of people
  • You will receive a confirmation of reservation and payment

De Eenhoorn proeft, selecteert en levert kwaliteitskoffie van de hele wereld.
In onze koffiebranderij worden onze koffiebonen elke week versgebrand. 

Onze barista's zijn dagelijks in de weer met speciality coffee. Op onze espressomachine hebben wij elke week een andere koffie. Daarnaast testen wij onze koffies op verschillende filterzetmethodes om de mooiste smaakbeleving naar boven te halen. 


de Eenhoorn koffie & Thee

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